Quantum Diet…Core Isometrics…Métabolism

“Ideal Shape is nought but diligent, serious, flexible dedication;

It is therefore an application of purpose;

It is less a particular discipline than a combination of general principles of diet and fitness;

Applied to the most urgent needs of one’s metabolic state.”


Maximilien François Marie Isidore “4pack” de Robespierre
Maximilien Robespierre
Anonymous Portrait c. 1793Founder, Creator of Reign of Terror on Visceral Fat
“Quantum Diet” Defined: “The necessary or desired foods and portions to maximize metabolism for the purpose of overall and visceral fat reduction and visibility of rectus abdominis muscles”.

Key features of the Quantum Diet:
Large and continuous servings of vegetables, fruits and nuts.
Moderate servings of egg whites
Moderate servings of grilled and steamed fish, red meat, chicken, turkey and pork
Eat every 3 hours, 200 calorie peanut and granola bars for snacks.
Alcohol in small amounts.
Water and diet teas all day.
Antioxidants, including coffee.
Protein and vitamin supplement shakes.



  1. need help taking nutrition class at bryan college and lov thisso much as to make personal training my career can you help

  2. Sounds like an excelent diet plan. What excersize plan is advisable? Because, I’m planning to model. Thank you.

  3. By the way, is there a book on this? Thank you.

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