Posted by: 4pack | May 13, 2010

Obesity In America: 20 Ounces Of “Sugared-Soda” Per Day Represent The #1 Source Of Calories In Most Diets, With Fructose Converted To Fat

“…20 ounces of cola on an empty stomach. That’s about the same amount the average American drinks in a day, making it the No. 1 source of calories in our diets, or 7 percent of the average person’s caloric intake…”

The glucose in the sugar, or corn syrup, is quickly turned into energy, fructose, which is sweeter, is more likely to turn into fat.

After you drink a soda, the glucose hits your bloodstream, and your pancreas immediately begins making insulin to balance the sugar rush.

My glucose level started at 79, and then it rapidly shot up, because I had just put the equivalent of 16 teaspoons of sugar into my body. That is 10 more teaspoons of sugar than the American Heart Association recommends a woman like me consume in an entire day.

After 40 minutes, my glucose level had reached 107.

“This is the point where the glucose that you drank is really starting to get absorbed into the bloodstream, and this is where the pancreas is really starting to do its maximal work,” said Dr. Mark Schutta, director of the Rodebaugh Center.

By the time he finished telling us that, I was up to 111.

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