Posted by: 4pack | April 20, 2010

Ideal Diets: Virgin Olive Oil Is Rich In Phenol Compounds Which “Repress Genes That Promote Inflamation”

Perez-Jimenez and his colleagues studied how a diet rich in so-called phenol compounds — which are found in olive oil, especially extra-virgin types — affected the workings of genes in 20 people with a common condition called metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome puts people at risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

The heart-healthy effects of the famous “Mediterranean diet” may have something to do with components of virgin olive oil that repress genes that promote inflammation, a new study reports.

“These findings strengthen the relationship between inflammation, obesity and diet and provide evidence at the most basic level of healthy effects derived from virgin olive oil consumption in humans,” study leader Francisco Perez-Jimenez of the University of Cordoba, Spain, said in a news release from BioMed Central, publisher of BMC Genomics. The study was published online April 19 in the journal.


  1. In my opinion it’s better for vegans to use rapeseed oil since it’s high in omega-3 acids. Olive oil on the other hand contains high amounts of omega-6, that suppress the conversion of ALA omga-3 oils to DHA and EPA

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