Posted by: 4pack | October 20, 2008

Sony Pictures Launches “Quantum of Solace” Website

Quantum of Solace – Sony Pictures Website

Ahead of the cinematic release of the 22nd James Bond 007 film Quantum of Solace, Sony Pictures has released a new social media friendly Bond website. features many interactive aspects that have become expected with websites of its kind.  The image gallery has over 40 images and the video library stocks over 30 videos, including the official trailer of the movie and the Quantum of Solace game, music videos, commentary, crew files, behind the scenes and ‘the making of.’

James Bond fans can also download many items from the site, including IM icons, wallpapers, a teaser poster for mobile and a ‘fankit’ which includes banner ads for the fans own websites and blogs.  Sony are reaching out to social networks with the addition of a 007 widget (a small and large version), which gives users quick access to the videos and images featured on the website.  People viewing the 007 widgets on third party websites can email it to friends or embed on their social networking site including MySpace, Facebook, hi5, xanga, Friendster, Blackplanet and Orkut.  It can also be added to blogs with support for popular blog platforms including Blogger, WordPress, Livejournal and Livepress in addition to customisable homepages including Netvibes, iGoogle, Yahoo and Pageflakes.

The website and movie launch are also supported by a QOS Blog and interactive games, including Aerial Attack, Blast Out, Open Throttle, Strategy Game and Trivia.  By registering, gamers are able to compete for a place on the 007 leader board.  The blog, which is updated every Tuesday, features news and video interviews from people behind the movie.  Blog readers can subscribe to be alerted of new posts via RSS.

Quantum of Solace launches in the UK on 31 October and in the US on 14 November 2008


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