Posted by: 4pack | September 12, 2008

VIDEO: “Fitness After 40” Subject Shawn Ray Shows What It Can Take To Get Back Into “Ideal Shape”

Shawn Ray, once the epitome of bodybuilding, retired in 2001 after an 11 year bout at the Mr. Olympia Contest; never once finishing lower than 5th but never first. For years and years Shawn had the most symmetrical, chiseled muscles of anyone around. He retired at the age of 36 in 2001; Now at the age of 40 he is in the most pitiful shape of his life. What used to be a six-pack is now a keg, the arms that could once crush bricks now only crush his esteem. Can a challenge from well respected, and long time friend Bob Cicherillo give Shawn the Motivation and Determination to step back into the realm of fitness? Tune in as we follow Shawns’ everyday life to see what it takes to get fit after 40.


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