Posted by: 4pack | September 2, 2008

Daniel Craig Stays In Perfect Shape…Performs Many Stunts In “Quantum of Solace”

James Bond star Daniel Craig is all fired up for danger in his new 007 adventure…

He is doing his own stunts which involve dodging flames, fighting and jumping off balconies. And new Bond girl Olga Kurylenko also throws herself into the action scenes.

Daniel, 40, worked with stunt master Gary Powell for new film Quantum of Solace.

He said: “Gary’s theory is, if you don’t do it, you won’t feel it. When you know how it feels to drive a boat one-handed you can re-create it.

“But it’s important you also feel the vulnerability. It’s like what Harrison Ford does so brilliantly. You’re not sure he’s going to get it right.”

And Olga, 28, said: “Little by little, you get more confident. By the end, I was loving it. They had to pull me away.”

Quantum of Solace is out on October 31. For more on the film, see October’s Empire magazine.

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