Posted by: 4pack | August 5, 2008

Core Abdominal Exercise Spotlight: Real Men Can Do Pilates

August 5, 2008


Yes, men do Pilates — at least the brave ones. Here’s a modification of a standard push-up that strengthens your arms and shoulders, plus your obliques (sides), the deep transverse abdominal muscles and front, or rectus, abdominal muscles.

Memer Hoeltzel, Pilates coach and owner of Pilates on Penn, says Pilates nonimpact exercises help bring the body back into neutral alignment by strengthening muscles in the core, upper and lower body. You’ll also learn how to use your breathing better to engage your muscles, improve your mental focus and achieve better physical results.

Her studio, 429 N. Pennsylvania St., Suite 302 (www; 317-201-8345), offers group mat classes, private Reformer sessions, weight-loss consultation and nutritional services.

One of her clients, Tim Freeland, demonstrates the exercise.

Step One: Begin in a plank or push-up position with your arms spread slightly wider than your shoulders’ width. Position each foot on paper or plastic plates.

Step Two: Move the legs out slightly wider than a shoulder’s distance apart and bring back together. Repeat four times.

Step Three: Do a regular push-up with your feet still on the plates. Repeat four times.

Repetitions: Repeat both sets four times, if possible.

Tips: Keep core muscles tight; don’t let lower back sway. Do fewer repetitions if your form falters.

Barb Berggoetz


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