Posted by: 4pack | July 21, 2008

Scotland Uncovers The Truth About Ideal Shape

Jason Cowan: Shape Up

FOR the next few weeks I am going to help you achieve results on the body parts you hate whether it’s your flabby tummy, your wobbly thighs or those dreaded ‘bingo wings’ which stop you from showing your upper arms.

This week it’s all about getting a flat stomach.

It’s the area most people are unhappy with and want to know how to fix.

The key to killer abs is diet and cardio. There is no point in doing loads of sit ups if you have excess weight round your mid section.

Your flat stomach is underneath, but you firstly have to lose the weight covering it. It’s simple. Cut the calorie intake and get yourself running. Because the belly is the first place fat is stored on most of us and the last place the body will take from to turn into energy. It’s a vicious circle!

The abdominal muscles consist of four muscle groups, layered at the front and sides of your torso.

The abdominals are among the few muscles in the body that can stand up to being worked everyday, although it’s best to concentrate on different areas on alternating days.

They can also handle high numbers of repetitions.

There is a misconception that there are upper or lower abdominal muscles. The ‘rectus abdominals’ is actually one large muscle.

You can however choose an exercise that mostly trains the upper or lower area.


So to get that washboard stomach the steps you should be taking are:

Cut the calories, your diet is probably the most important aspect of achieving that flat stomach.

Increase your cardio workouts. Work harder, for shorter periods. It’s all about intensity, rather than duration.

Your flat stomach is waiting under there; it just needs a little help to come out.

You can contact Jason at Go Beyond Gym, 16 Brandon Street, Hamilton. Or email


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