Posted by: 4pack | June 23, 2008

Australia Drops A “Fat Bomb”…Waits For The “Fall Out”


With startling new figures on the obesity epidemic being released today, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) is calling the crisis the ‘ticking bomb’ for Australia’s health.

“We have to act now to address this critical health issue. The link between obesity and cardiovascular disease, and other health conditions, makes this one of Australia’s number one health priorities,” said Dr Kelly Seach, GP and RACGP Registrar Representative.

“This is not only an issue for the health of our patients; it is also about the health of our medical system, which is nearing breaking point. Unless the obesity epidemic is halted, it may tip the scales.

“We support the call of the Baker Heart Research Institute, in their report Australia’s Future Fat Bomb, for people concerned about their weight to work towards a loss of five kilograms. All the evidence shows that a modest weight loss of five to 10 percent of your starting weight will result in significant health benefits such as decreased hypertension as well as positive economic and personal outcomes,” said Dr Kelly Seach.

Highlight (or Lowlights) are below:

Obesity is a key risk factor and major contributor to some of Australia’s most important health problems. This includes cardiovascular disease (CVD), its common precursor Type 2 diabetes and a variety of cancers.
 As such, it represents one of our most important targets for disease prevention. Indeed, obesity was recently named a National Health Priority at the Australian Health Ministers’ Conference.
Importantly, middle-aged Australians are most at risk of experiencing highly preventable CVD-related hospitalisations and fatal events relating to their excess weight over the next 20 years.
In this report we provide data to describe the current epidemic of excess weight in middle-aged Australians and its potential consequences on their future “heart health” using the best available research. It is within this context that this report quantifies the size and cost of our growing ‘Fat Bomb’.
We further report what would happen if Australia attempted to “defuse” this future ‘Fat Bomb’ by reducing everyone’s weight by 5kg or more. In the process we outline some of the practical solutions that can achieve this modest target by supporting individuals and our society as a whole.

The ‘Fat Bomb’ is loudly ticking in middle-aged Australians with around 7 out of 10 men and 6 out of 10 women aged between 45 and 64 years being overweight or obese.










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