Posted by: 4pack | June 11, 2008

Indonesia “Weighs” In On Belly Fat…


Ade Rai is Indonesia’s most famous bodybuilder and a passionate advocate of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Every second week, he will be offering professional advice and answering your questions through this column.

Dear Ade,

I am a 38-year-old male and would like to ask you some questions. My belly looks quite big and has a downward slope to it. I never had that 10 years ago before I got married. Besides that, due to a static seated position at work, my posture is a little hunched.

What exercises should I do and what foods should I eat to rectify these problems? I greatly appreciate your good work with The Jakarta Post. — SETIAWAN

Dear Mr.Setiawan,

Thanks for your kind words and questions. I’ll just get straight to it.

It is quite obvious that your stomach seems to store most of the accumulated body fat. You need to understand that fat accumulation doesn’t happen overnight and it is due to consistent surplus of caloric intakes. I has much to do with your lifestyle, what you do as far as physical exercise is concerned, and what & how much you eat over the past 10 years.

It is quite clear to me that aside from the fat accumulation, your metabolism (the rate your body burns energy) has also slowed down, quite possibly from muscle shrinkage, lack of exercise and poor eating habits. You can reverse this problem by doing exactly the opposite for the things that got you in your condition today.

I recommend you the following:

1) Get a general health checkup, especially on your blood-sugar levels, heart, triglycerides, HDL & LDL cholesterol and body-fat level. You may need a separate physical assessment concerning your hunched posture. I believe an orthopedic surgeon is the expert to go to.

2) Follow the doctor’s orders. If you are allowed to begin an exercise and diet program, do so immediately.

3) Join a gym nearby to where you live or work, and if your budget allows, hire a personal trainer to devise a workout program for you.

4) Start eating more vegetables and lean proteins more often to replace all the floury, sugary and fatty foods.


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